Fume Eliminator

Nederman's Fume Eliminator is designed to be carried to the working area.  Connected to a welding torch or to an extraction nozzle, the Fume Eliminator unit extracts the fume directly at the source.

  • Available with an auto start/stop function
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Low service and maintenance costs


Modular Filter System (MFS)

Ideal for smaller, less frequent applications.  Simple solution to clean the air from smoke, dust, gasses and smells typically found in TIG welding, spot welding, labs, food odors, and chemical handling.

  • Simple and quick installation - few parts
  • Expandable system ideal for growing business - can be supplemented with Nederman fans & extraction arms
  • From economical to advanced system features, there is a wide range of modular options
  • Economic and efficient



Nederman's mobile filter unit designed for light welding and extraction applications.  The extraction arm includes an integrated spotlight to optimize the user-friendly design.

  • FilterCart Original - Designed for light welding smoke extraction and filtration applications.  Versions with longer arms are also available.
  • FilterCart Carbon - Specifically designed for the extraction of odors.  Can be equipped with HEPA filters for maximum efficiency.
  • FilterCart W3 - State of the art mobile filter with all the possible features.  Includes a warning signal when the filter is full & fulfills the legislations W3 from BGIA.


Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaner systems, electric or compressed air powered, for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Nederman offers over 30 models, covering a wide variety of applications and certifications.  ATEX approved models available for explosive dust and hazardous and flammable liquids.



Nederman's FilterBox is a flexible and modular welding fume and dust extractor.  Solves the most common demands regarding welding fumes and non-combustible dust, and accessories can be attached to improve individual applications.

  • FilterBox 10M - Manually cleaned for light to medium dust & fume applications.  Integrated silencer, optional HEPA filter.  Air flow capacity up to 600 CFM.
  • FilterBox 12A - Automatically cleaned for medium to heavier dust & fume applications.  Integrated silencer, optional HEPA filter.  Air flow capacity up to 1000 CFM.
  • FilterBox Twin - Automatically or manually cleaned for dust & fume applications.  Equipped with two 10' extraction arms.  Air flow capacity up to 500 CFM per arm when both are in use.
  • FilterBox Wall - Automatically or manually cleaned for dust & fume applications.  User friendly and long filter life, can come with or without fan and be used with multiple units.  Air flow capacity up to 765 CFM



The E-PAK is a self contained vacuum unit designed to capture welding fume and dust.  Ideal for welding shops, car body shops, construction industries, industrial laundries, etc.  The unit has an automatic start/stop function, as well as automatic filter cleaning.  The filter separation occurs in two stages.

  • E-PAK 500 - Can serve up to 6 extraction points, all at the same time.  Easy to install, low noise levels, and low maintenance costs.  Automatic vacuum valves offer substantial energy savings!
  • E-PAK500 DX - Similar to the standard E-PAK 500, the DX model is suitable for both combustible and non-combustible materials.  The filter meets ATEX requirements and can last up to 6,000 hours.



Nederman's L-PAK is a dual purpose solution for removing dust, fumes, and housekeeping in all types of industries.  Compact with a high filter efficiency and enhanced flexibility, welding shops, car body shops, construction industries, and bakeries are common applications.  The integrated PLC-control ensures high functionality and can be easily updated with new function.

  • L-PAK 150 - Can filter up to 129 sq ft, with a max air flow capacity of 250 CFM.
  • L-PAK 250 - Can filter up to 183 sq ft, with a max air flow capacity of 250 CFM.



Ideal for the extraction of welding fumes, grinding dust, metal turnings, composite materials, dust, and particles.  Also serves as a central extraction unit for cleaning systems for workplaces and machines.  FlexPAK's controls allow it to regulate air flow to the exact demand needed, resulting in efficient operation and energy savings.

  • FlexPAK 800 - Can filter up to 700 sq ft, with a max air flow of 475 CFM.
  • FlexPAK 1000 - Can filter up to 700 sq ft, with a max air flow of 760 CFM.
  • FlexPAK 800DX - Similar to the 800 model, but is CE & EX certified (standard 800 is CE certified)
  • FlexPAK 1000DX - Similar to the 1000 model, but is CE & EX certified (standard 1000 is CE certified)

Product Pamphlets

NedermanFumeEliminator (pdf)


NedermanModularFilterSystem (pdf)


NedermanFilterCartOriginal (pdf)


NedermanFilterCartCarbon (pdf)


NedermanFilterCartW3 (pdf)


NedermanFilterBox10M (pdf)


NedermanFilterBox12A (pdf)


NedermanFilterBoxTwin (pdf)


NedermanFilterBoxWall (pdf)


NedermanE-PAK500 (pdf)


NedermanE-PAK500DX (pdf)


NedermanL-PAK150 (pdf)


NedermanL-PAK250 (pdf)


NedermanFlexPAK800 (pdf)


NedermanFlexPAK1000 (pdf)


NedermanFlexPAK800DX (pdf)


NedermanFlexPAK1000DX (pdf)