Budget friendly options for any station

Nederman MagnaTrack

MagnaTrack HS - High Frequency/Speed Applications

The MagnaTack HS track system is designed to serve one vehicle at a time, at stations with a high frequency of runs and faster exit speeds.  The balancer has a constant lifting power, allowing for an easy connection to any vehicle.  The track system is available in lengths from 10 feet to 60 feet and can service vehicles with low and high mounted exhaust pipes.

MagnaTrack S - Normal Frequency/Speed Applications

The MagnaTrack S is an economical alternative to the HS version, designed for Fire/EMS stations with a normal frequency of runs and exit speeds (up to 10 mph).  This system uses an elastic cord inside the exhaust hose instead of the balancer found in the HS model, as well as a rubber stop instead of a hydraulic trolley stop.  The MagnaTrack S is designed to serve low mounted exhaust vehicles only, and available in lengths up to 39 feet.

MagnaTrack ST - Fewer Frequency/Normal Speed Applications

The MagnaTrack ST is designed for stations with fewer runs and normal exit speeds (up to 10 mph).  Unlike the HS & S models, the exhaust hose is free-hanging.  The free-hanging exhaust hose is equipped with a swivel attached to the balancer, which moves on the guide track.  A switch on the track is used to separate the hose assembly from the apparatus in a single-step process.  This in turn minimizes stress and strain from the vehicle to the exhaust hose or ceiling brackets.  The MagnaTrack ST is designed to serve low mounted exhaust vehicles only and comes in lengths up to 40 feet.

MagnaTrack LS - Fewer Frequency/Low Speed Applications

The MagnaTrack LS is designed for stations with fewer run frequencies and a slower exit speed (up to 3 mph).  Like the ST model, the LS uses a free-hanging exhaust hose.  This hose is supported by a balancer with a trolley, which glides in an aluminum track.  Unlike the other models, this system does not use any electrical components.  Instead, it utilizes a mechanical disconnection system to release the assembly from the vehicle in a smooth, one step process.  The MagnaTrack LS services vehicles with low level exhaust pipes and is available in up to 30 foot lengths.

Product Pamphlets

Nederman Magna Track HS (pdf)


Nederman Magna Track S (pdf)


Nederman Magna Track ST (pdf)


Nederman Magna Track LS (pdf)