The Ultimate solution

Nederman MagnaRail

High Capacity System

The MagnaRail is a high capacity exhaust extraction system designed to handle the highest of operational requirements.  Built to handle large volumes of exhaust fumes, up to four vehicles can be attached to the same rail, each with their own designated disconnection point.

Adaptable for Any Arrangement of Vehicles

The MagnaRail system is designed for reverse-in or drive-through applications and can service vehicles with either high or low level exhaust pipes.  The MagnaRail can also be adapted to work with apparatuses with stack exhaust.

Unique Design with Fewer Parts

The Suction Rail is designed in a configuration that allows it to serve as an exhaust duct, as well as the guide rail that the extraction trolley travels in.  This configuration has fewer parts, is light weight, and snaps easily into the suspensions.  The rail is available in up to 100 feet and can service both high and low level tail pipes.

Versatile and Future Proof

The MagnaRail Exhaust system allows for the most variety of configurations, ensuring your investment will still be practical well into the future.  The fan/duct work can be connected to the rail either with an end outlet or one/several top outlets.  They are more modular and sturdy than their MagnaTrack counter parts, making them easier to relocate and/or extend.