A variety of Solutions for Any Workplace

Cable Reel D20

Cable reel with Cat7 Ethernet cable.  Durable, safe, and designed to withstand heavy usage in environments such as vehicle workshops, hardware labs, data centers, among others.  

  • Durable: Made with resistant composition material and high quality components.
  • Safe: Spring and electronic components properly protected for safe usage and servicing.
  • Smart: Designed for easy connection of cables.
  • Stable: Cat7 ethernet cables gives stability to data transfer.
  • Certified: According to Industrial Cable Reel Directive SS-EN 61316.


Hose Reel H20

The retractable hose reel H20 for water and air is suitable for industrial use, professional tradesmen, or do-it-yourself workshops.  The hose reel H20 is retractable, has a robust design, and built with high impart composite materials.  Available in 26 and 39 meter lengths.

Hose Reel H30

The hose reel H30 is retractable and has an optimized spring force, ensuring that the hose retracts smoothly and evenly onto the drum.  This high-quality spring is pre-tensioned at the Nederman factory to suit a wide range of applications, and is well protected inside the drum cavity.  Available in 10 and 12 meter lengths.

Common Features

Both the H20 and H30 models feature: 

  • Easy to install, snap-on wall brackets
  • Unique safety latch
  • Drum with ball bearings on both sides
  • Pressed fitting and steel spiral hose protector
  • Hose can be easily replaced

Hose Reel 888 & 889

The Nederman Hose Reel 888 and 889 series are medium sized, open hose reels, designed for heavy and extreme industrial usage.  Models from non to highly corrosive environments, reels also have adjustable outlet positions.

Thanks to the open design, the reels on either series are easy to service, maintain, and keep clean.  They can be installed on the wall or ceiling, and the spring power is easily adjusted from the outside.  The ratchet can also be easily disengaged when required.

The biggest difference between the 888 and 889 is the 889 Hose Reel is fitted with slightly larger drums than its 888 counterpart, therefore able to take longer hoses.  


Hose Reel 883

Designed for light and heavy industrial usage, the Hose Reel 883 is a retractable hose reel  suitable for vehicle repair shops, garages, and maintenance workshops.

The hose reel 883 has an optimized spring force, ensuring that the hose retracts smoothly and evenly onto the drum.  The high quality spring is pre-tensioned at the factory to suit a wide variety of applications and, like other models, well protected inside the drum cavity.  

  • Spring tension is easily adjustable from the outside
  • Fast and simple to service
  • Easy to replace the hose without dismantling the reel

Hose Reel 884

The Nederman hose reel 884 is built for heavy and extreme industrial usage and can be used for air, water, oil, diesel and grease applications.  The strong and durable design is made out of epoxy coated die cast aluminum, making it highly corrosive resistant.

  • Ball bearings in the drum swivel
  • Fully protected inner mechanisms
  • Strong, durable and highly corrosion resistant
  • Adjustable outlet arm minimizes friction
  • Easy service and cleaning


Hose Reel 886 Stainless

Built for heavy and extreme industrial usage, the 886 series are ideal for food processing industries.  The 886 Stainless is made entirely of stainless steel and is extremely easy to clean thanks to rounded edges.  It also features an easy to dismantle hose outlet, an externally mounted swivel, and a minimum number of material joints.  Has a hose capacity up to 82 feet and meets international hygienic requirements.

Hose Reel 886 EX

ATEX approved stainless steel hose reel for corrosive resistant and high hygiene requirements.  The 886 EX in stainless steel is approved for use in zones 1, 2, 21, and 22 in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EC, Equipment group II, Category 2G D.  Unique design makes cleaning simple, and meets all international hygienic requirements.  Hose capacity is 82 feet.


Hose Reel 893

The Nederman hose reel 893 is a medium-sized reel in a robust, open design.  Designed for heavy and extreme usage, the reel is ideal in environments with high humidity and strict hygiene requirements.

  • Open design makes cleaning and servicing easy
  • Unique stand design offers mounting flexibility
  • Can be installed on the wall or ceiling


Hose Reel 876

The Hose Reel 876 represents the ultimate solution for oxygen and acetylene or oxygen and LPG welding in terms of safety, durability, and easy handling.

  • Well ventilated, single layer hose feed and storage
  • Open design for easy servicing
  • Four-way roller guides prevent hose wear
  • Flexible - Easy to install on wall, floor, or ceiling


Hose Reel 881

ATEX approved vacuum hose reel suitable for cleaning combustible dust.  Suitable when long and heavy vacuum hoses are needed.  Provides tide and safe storage when not in use, keeps hoses out of the way of forklifts and mobile workshop equipment.  Separate suspension brackets make installation of the reel simple and safe.

Approved for use in ATEX-zone 22 in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU Equipment group II, Category 3D.

  • Suitable for cleaning explosive dust
  • With built-in automatic damper
  • Integrated micro-switch

Product Pamphlets

DataCableReelD20 (pdf)


HoseReelH20 (pdf)


HoseReelH30 (pdf)


HoseReel883 (pdf)


HoseReel888 (pdf)


HoseReel889 (pdf)


HoseReel884 (pdf)


HoseReel886EX (pdf)


HoseReel886Stainless (pdf)


HoseReel893 (pdf)


HoseReel876 (pdf)


HoseReel881EX (pdf)